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VISION To create a world class mining services company partnering the mining industry. MISSION Dedicated to maximize productivity by providing totally reliable competitively superior, global mining solution. VALUES Our Values are from the core of our soul that serve as an Indicator of our actions and described our behavior to the World. Leadership: Courage to build future Mining Empowerment: Empowering the employees to take initiative and give the best Accountability: for action and thought Speed: Always ahead one step – Lean, Fast, Flexible & Delightful Teaming: Synergy Passion: To  Energised  action Respect: For all internal & external customers Integrity: Be real, transparent & honest in all that we do Commitment: Deliver to Stakeholders including Community Efficiency: Efficient and effective in approach to give best solution each time Diversity: Respecting and giving best of the composition

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About Us


JMS Mining Private Limited (formerly JMS Mining Services Pvt Ltd) is the pioneer & market leader in implementation of Mass Production Technology in Underground coal mining in India.

It operates with world’s latest technology, some of them have been introduced 1st time in India by JMS – Continuous Miner Technology, Bolter Miner Technology.

It has presence in major Underground coal mining clusters in the country. Coal India and Singereni Collieries Company, India’s 1st and 2nd coal producing companies, are its esteemed clients.


JMs has expertise in all types of UG coal mining services

It has developed technology for maximum extraction in geologically challenged depillaring operations

It maintains state of art strata control & monitoring systems. It has introduced realtime prediction system of roof caving in depillaring section.

Life cycle management of the equipment

It has introduced world class Safety, Health & Environment standards. JMS maintains TIFR

All types of pre-production activities – Geological Investigation, Mine Planning, DPR Preparation etc.


Presently JMS operates 09 production projects with total production of 3 MTPA and 02 UG drivage sites of 2 x 1 km and 50 km lengths

JMS involves in Incline and longwall gate drivages of Adriyala Longwall Project, SCCL, India’s biggest longwall project. JMS is also making incline drivage of 2x1 km at Kumardihi B underground, ECL.

JMS has achieved highest monthly production of 65290 T from its Sheetaldhara Project in March ’16 and highest daily production of 4800 T from its VK 7 projects in November ’10.

JMS already received work order (LOI) for 4 production projects of 1.7 LTPA and Longwall gate road drivage of 67.5 Km length.

JMS already concluded 03 contracts successfully


Driven by only technically qualified people, minimum qualification - ITI

Associate with global manufacturers and consultants

Maintaining global SHE standards

Maintaining safe operation practices by implementing world class strata control & monitoring system

Understanding the requirements of statutory bodies – DGMS, CMRI

Financial soundness