JMS is the leader in management of UG mass production technology in India.

       We Believe in

⇒ Integrity and Excellence in all that we Do

⇒ Cutting edge Technology and Systems to create  Projects of Reference

⇒ Being fast and flexible to Delight our customers

⇒ Innovation and Imagination

Our Needs are multi disciplinary, covering human relations, engineering, finance, exploration, mine planning, design construction

Our Strength lies in our

     ⇒ Youthful, highly skilled and motivated team from operators to  managers

     ⇒  Unique Continuing education initiatives in basic, intermediate and advanced fields of mining and related disciplines.

Our Commitments is to

⇒ World class Safety, Health and Environment practices,  globally benchmarked

⇒ Engage the Youth of India in building a modern mining industry.