Mr. Amitabh Mundhra, aged 55, serves as a full-time Director at JMS Mining Private Limited. He holds a B. Sc. Eng. Degree from Kolkata University and brings extensive expertise in overseeing commercial, administrative, and monitoring aspects across multiple projects. In his capacity, Mr. Mundhra assumes the critical role of providing strategic guidance and a forward-looking vision to JMS.


When Mr. Mundhra assumed the position of Promoter and Director at JMS, the company’s focus was solely on the Risk Gain Share (RGS) project with Coal India Limited (CIL). Under his leadership, however, he envisioned a broader scope for the company, involving the establishment of an in-house fleet of equipment and a deeper engagement in mine development endeavor’s. Through his unwavering dedication and foresight, JMS expanded its operations into the Hiring of Equipment and Mine Developer cum Operator (MDO) segments within the underground coal mining sector in India.


Additionally, Mr. Mundhra played a pivotal role in establishing the JMS Captive Use Factory and workshop in Nagpur, facilitating comprehensive repair and overhaul work for the company. His diverse responsibilities encompass business development on both domestic and international fronts, overseeing project execution and progress, and active participation in various industry organizations such as CFI, NICMAR, BAI, CII, CIDC, among others.


Beyond his professional commitments, Mr. Mundhra is deeply invested in skill development and education initiatives. He extends his influence on various Trusts and Institutions, where he actively promotes music, art, and cultural activities. His influence also extends to several boards of companies within the infrastructure, mining, and related industries. Notably, he holds the position of an Independent Director at Tips Industries Ltd.