Mr. Dilip Kumar Sharma currently holds the position of Director & CEO at JMS Mining Pvt Limited. He possesses a degree in Mining Engineering (B.Tech– Mining) and has also completed an MBA. Mr. Sharma holds a First Class Mine Managers Certificate of Competency and the RQP Certificate required under the MCR 1960. He is also a Chartered Engineer.


With two decades of experience in the Coal Mining Industry, Mr. Sharma has acquired significant expertise in mechanized Mass production Technology. He initiated his career at the mine where the first Continuous Miner (CM) Technology was introduced and currently boasts experience in successfully implementing and commissioning over 20 CM Projects in various states of India. He stands out as one of the most seasoned Mining engineers with extensive experience in Continuous Miner Technology in India.


Mr. Sharma’s primary focus lies in ground control and strata monitoring of underground mines. He has made substantial contributions to the development and introduction of the first Real Time Monitoring instrument during depillaring operations in the form of Auto warning Tell tales (AWTT).


Having been with the company for two decades, Mr. Sharma began as a Jr. Mining Engineer and has been serving as Director and CEO since 2018. He played a pivotal role in the successful transition of the company from Risk Gain Share Contracts to a Commercial Mining Company. Under his leadership, JMS witnessed remarkable growth, transitioning from a sub hundred crores revenue company to a more than 1000 crores revenue entity.


Mr. Sharma places a strong emphasis on the social security of his colleagues and has implemented various policies and systems for employee retention and social security during his tenure.


Furthermore, he has received global training on Mine and Machinery Management, including Strata Monitoring Instruments from M/s Rock Mechanics Technology, UK; Life Cycle Management from M/s JMML, RSA; Steep Seam Bord & Pillar Mining from JMML, China; and Leadership from DDI, USA. Additionally, he has undergone training on Potash Mining in the UK and Laos, as well as Mechanised Drivage of Inclines in Russia.


As a professional member, Mr. Sharma is affiliated with MGMI, IMMA, MEAI, and the Institution of Engineers.